Data / Reporting Team Augmentation

Is your data team running out of power?
Have you had new project land on you from out of the blue?
Are your budgets being squeezed such that you cannot afford traditional contractors?
Our team of Junior Data Analysts offer a financially attractive alternative and you can sleep soundly knowing that you are doing your bit to help young people start their careers as a Data Analyst.
All our junior consultants have basic technical skills in Excel, SQL ,Pentaho ETL, Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Power BI. More importantly they have all completed at least one project in each of the following data gathering, data cleansing, building a data mart and developing a dashboard. We are keen to talk to you about how we can use our junior consultants to augment your existing team.

Data Analysis

Have you got a PoC or project that you've been meaning to get around to? If so we want your project. Our team of Junior Data Analysts have skills in:
Manual Data Collection / Web Scraping

  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Pentaho ETL
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Power BI / Dashboard delivery

We are keen to talk to you about how we can use our skills and knowledge to solve your data challenges.