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In the world of work, progression in a job is always important for those who seek more out of their career choice. As a young person in the modern world, there is more pressure on us to prove that we are actually worth the effort to our employers, but we need to do so to progress. We need to do it to “Step Up”.


During my time working at Digital 3rd, I have worked with many people on several projects. Somebody’s progress I have clearly noticed/admired is a young man called Jack Murray. He definitely has come a long way since we initially met a few months back. He has become a pivotal part of our team. He brings structure to a team full of creatives which is key because without it we’d be way off task.


I conducted a short verbal interview with Jack about him, “Stepping Up” just to get an idea of his current mind set and where he wants to go from here in his career.


How do you see yourself at Digital3rd?


I see myself as a highly confident and independent individual who dedicates himself to putting everything in to his work, as well as taking pride in it. I am able to effectively use my initiative to make business decisions and carry out high quality work for clients, as well as staying calm and in control of every situation so that the best possible work can be completed. After leaving high school, I joined Digital3rd as a Digital Marketing Apprentice where I gained vital new skills and talents and improved vastly on existing ones. I have worked on many projects at Digital3rd including a campaign which I led for the Silicon Canal Awards event, which involved all the companies that are part of Silicon Canal. I intend to keep further developing my skills by taking new opportunities and working more with external clients.


What is your role?


At Digital3rd I work within the media and marketing department. I run most of the marketing and social media campaigns, which includes using the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote events and services; as well as contacting companies, directly in order to explain what we do and how we can benefit them.


When working on marketing campaigns, we often use forms of social media as the backbone of the operation, so the campaign can reach as many people as possible. The use of social media in collaboration with SEO and mobile marketing works well and we can deliver a full social media campaign to clients using a template that we have strategically put in place.


How would you say you’ve progressed in the last three months?


Throughout the last three months I believe I have stepped up massively and taken the leading role of marketing and social media, in order to connect with clients and promote Digital3rd. This has made me become more confident with the teams at digital3rd and more demanding on what I expect and require from them to create campaigns etc…


In the past three months, I have also achieved great things outside of Digital3rd. I am currently working at an external company, that specialises in B2B marketing. Since working here I would say I have developed my communication skills and knowledge of a wide variety of programmes used in the Marketing industry.


What Motivated your progression?


I think the opportunity of moving into a company that specialises in marketing and has a dedicated media team was enough for me to be as motivated as possible in order to achieve the progress I have made. The team that I am a part of are also highly motivated which helps creativity flow and holds a high level of energy, encouraging everyone to progress further and achieve great things.


Where do you want to be in the next year?


Once I have completed my apprenticeship I would like to have the opportunity of a full-time position at a company that can provide me with more skills, challenge me on a daily basis and has a team of dedicated professionals that can benefit my progress further.


How are you going to get there?


Hopefully, I will be able to get to this stage by completing my apprenticeship and then working closely with a company that specialises in “B to B” marketing to build my contacts. As well as this, I will be able to complete a variety of work and gain lots of experience that I can then showcase to potential future employers.


By Devanté Barrett



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