The Best Vlogger of All Time?

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The Best Vlogger of All Time?

Possibly the best vlogger of all time has hung up his camera… The well renowned YouTuber, known as Casey Neistat will no longer be posting daily videos on his YouTube platform, supposedly due to other commitments and ‘bigger and better’ things. The YouTuber announced to his 6 Million subscribers that he is stopping ‘The Vlog’ and to no surprise, they weren’t happy at all…

So many young and creative individuals saw the YouTube star as an inspiration, who was the future of YouTube due to his innovative ways and his unique & uplifting personality, which was a niche so many people enjoyed and thrived to aspire to.

In his video “I’m ending the vlog” he revealed that “It’s not clickbait, I really am ending the vlog”. The video has already received 5.7 Million views, with a large number of people commenting he shouldn’t give up on the vlog and should continue with it because of the huge fan base he has accumulated, which shows his ever growing popularity online.

Casey has stated several reasons for the end of vlog, which has almost been expected due to the lack of content published over the last few weeks. One of which being that he is getting increasingly lazy with the vlogs and is unable to challenge himself on a daily basis because it is something he has become used to. Casey originally started the vlogging ritual to create a challenge for himself in order to be productive and creative, every day without fail. Other reasons have been speculated, such as putting his family and social life before the vlog. Casey has often said he sometimes misses out on special times with his only daughter because of the vlog and other work, however he also says it has helped him document it at the same time. So I guess for now we will have to continue to speculate and see what Casey comes up with next.

If your interested in finding out more about Casey Neistat, then click here for his short video explaining his life and how he got to where he is today, by working throughout the media and creative industry.

Casey has hinted for new things in the future, including big projects and more creative and better edited movies. Casey has worked on projects of this size before with the likes of Nike and Mercedes. Casey and his brother also had their own TV series on HBO and this helped him progress on to greater things. One of his own fairly large projects made the news, when he snowboarded through the centre of New York!

Could this mean Casey already has a project in mind? It wouldn’t surprise me if he did…
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By Jack Murray

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