Want to become an Apprentice in the Tech world?

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Thinking about becoming an IT or Tech apprentice and how it can assist you in your future ambitions and career? Not sure what you can do in an apprenticeship and how you can do it? These are some of the questions many people have when considering an apprenticeship. This post is aimed to help you make an informed decision and help you decide whether an IT apprenticeship is right for you and what you can expect to achieve from it, whilst working for a company and pushing yourself to your limits in order to gain the necessary qualifications to assist you in later life.

The world of work may seem like a daunting place when leaving school, but apprenticeships were designed to integrate young people into the workplace and that’s exactly what Digital3rd does by giving its apprentices the freedom to solve problems themselves and giving them the right resources and abilities to do so, then leaving their young minds to work together to find a solution for the problem.

Here at Digital3rd we believe that an apprenticeship is the right way to go if you are pursuing a career in the IT and Digital world. It gets you into the industry at the earliest point possible and gives you the right balance of education, qualifications and most importantly, experience, whilst earning a salary and gaining independence.

We understand that IT and technology is the future of virtually everything we do and the people who will be employed in this ever growing industry, are the youth of today. So therefore becoming an apprentice in this successful sector has to be the best way to enter this ever expanding industry of pioneering excellence for the future of IT.

Whilst working towards your qualifications in an apprenticeship you’ll also be learning the all-important life lessons of the real working world and earning a salary which will enable you to grow into a more independent and confident person. Once you have further developed these skills and shaped them around your unique personality then you’ll be able to capitalise on your existing contacts and resources, whilst growing your career and ambitions into something great that can benefit many businesses and individual people.

Once you complete your apprenticeship you’ll be in a position where you can choose where to go and what to do next, either advancing onto a higher apprenticeship or landing a full time position in a company that works in your industry. Once you reach this stage, it will be more likely that new and larger opportunities will arise, meaning you will likely go further in your career and achieve great things whilst working for a company or developing your newly found skills further in a higher apprenticeship; while learning more new things and working more independently with clients and other colleagues to achieve a common goal.

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