What does Digital3rd do and why does it do it?

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Here at Digital3rd we are a not for profit organisation which provides high quality Digital and IT services for businesses and various other charities, delivered by our young digital experts from the home of creativity, in Birmingham.

By being a not for profit organisation it enables us to put every ounce of determination and all of our skill sets into delivering the quality services we have to offer, meaning as a business owner, you know you will be getting great value for money, from the dedicated team who are always on hand to correct any errors or problems you may have.

Some of the most requested services that Digital3rd provide include:

  • Digital Admin; where companies need a team of dedicated professionals who will devote their time to making sure the website and social media strategies are in working order and generating the required amount of traffic to secure the success of the company.
  • Tech support; which is something almost every company requires to stay successful. This could be anything from backing up important files onto off site storage drives, all the way to providing additional information on a company’s digital working environment.
  • Testing; which is a vital in the security of information and how efficient programmes and applications can be run. Systematic test plans are used to thoroughly test solutions and ensure they are in a professional/working order, so that the business can remain trusted and relied up on by clients.
  • Data Services; where data will be stored, organised clearly and analysed by the dedicated data analytics team. This means that the data team can provide information on business intelligence and then dissect it to help the company thrive, with the understanding of the facts and figures, which are vital to every business.

At digital3rd we have a diverse portfolio of previous and current clients who are very happy with all of our work up to this current point. This is down to the excellent history of providing brilliant tech support to our clients. Our clients are very important to us and we value them massively; this is why we put them at the heart of everything we do and always go above and beyond to please them. Because of how much we value our clients, we ensure that they receive the best advice and support from the best technicians at hand at any given point.

If you’re interested in Digital3rds Digital and IT services such as Website development and solution testing, then we highly recommend you check out their website where you will find more information directly from the team and other reliable sources. We drive and pride ourselves on the delivery of high quality IT and Digital services for our various clients in an efficient time scale, whilst still being reliable and well respected by many businesses.

At Digital3rd there is a large range of IT and Tech apprenticeships varying from Data and Testing roles to Digital Admin and Tech Support. Therefore, we are bound to have a role for you, why not check out our vacancies in the recruitment tab on the digital3rd.org website and start your career in the IT and Digital industry.

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